Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh baby, Lilly Munster Ain't got nothing on you

I swear this song describes me perfectly. I'm pale as hell, I'M VERY INTO MYSELF, I'm kind of a lost cause... Kind of... too most people anyway...Oh and I dye my hair black, I love the dark and nasty weather... Everyday is Halloween for me (except I don't wear crayolas on my face or in my hair) and I have been known to cast a spell or two on boys. Heartbreak queen I am. Yeah it don't work on everyone. The ones that it didn't work on I guess wised up and got out before they got too far in. Whatever.

This song is me. Loving me is like loving the dead. I am pretty fucking cold, so I don't expect to fully satisfy anybody. I'm way to into myself than to put any kind of effort into anyone else.

She's in love with herself
She likes the dark
On her milk white neck
The Devil's mark
It's all Hallows Eve
The moon is full
Will she trick or treat
I bet she will

She's got a date at midnight
With Nosferatu
Oh baby, Lilly Munster
Ain't got nothing on you
Well when I called her evil
She just laughed
And cast that spell on me
Boo Bitch Craft

Yeah you wanna go out
'Cause it's raining and blowing
You can't go out
'Cause your roots are showing
Dye em black
Black No. 1

Little wolf skin boots
And clove cigarettes
An erotic funeral
For witch she's dressed
Her perfume smells like
Burning leaves
Everyday is Halloween

Loving you
Was like loving the dead

Thanks for reading my very "into myself" blog lol

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